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Tituba and The Salem Witch Trials of 1692

Tituba and The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 Tituba was among the initial three individuals blamed for being a witch during the Salem witch preliminaries of 1692. She admitted to black magic and charged others. Tituba, otherwise called Tituba Indian, was aâ household slave and worker whose birth and demise dates are obscure. Tituba Biography Little is known about Titubas foundation or even root. Samuel Parris, later to assume a focal job in the Salem witch preliminaries of 1692 as the town serve, carried three oppressed people with him when he came to Massachusetts from New Spain Barbados in the Caribbean. We can figure from the conditions that Parris got responsibility for in Barbados, presumably when she was twelve or a couple of years more established. We don't have the foggiest idea whether he acquired such proprietorship in repayment of an obligation, however that story has been acknowledged by a few. Parris was, at the time he was in New Spain, not yet wedded and not yet a priest. At the point when Samuel Parris moved to Boston from New Spain, he brought Tituba, John Indian and a little fellow with him as family slaves. In Boston, he wedded and later turned into a clergyman. Tituba filled in as a maid. In Salem Village Fire up. Samuel Parris moved to Salem Village in 1688, a possibility for the situation of Salem Village serve. In around 1689, Tituba and John Indian appear to have hitched. In 1689 Parris was officially called as the pastor, given a full deed to the parsonage, and the Salem Village church sanction was agreed upon. Tituba would not likely have been straightforwardly associated with the developing church strife including Rev. Parris. Be that as it may, since the contention remembered retaining pay and installment for kindling, and Parris whined about the impact on his family, Tituba presumably would likewise have felt the deficiency of kindling and food in the house. She would likewise have likely known about the distress in the network when attacks were propelled in New England, firing up again in 1689 (and called King Williams War), with New France utilizing both French officers and neighborhood Indians to battle against the English pilgrims. Regardless of whether she knew about the political clashes around Massachusetts status as a settlement isn't known. Regardless of whether she knew about Rev. Parris lessons in late 1691 notice of Satans impact around is likewise not known, however it appears to be likely that his feelings of dread were known in his family unit. Sufferings and Accusations Begin In mid 1692, three young ladies with associations with the Parris family unit started to show abnormal conduct. One was Elizabeth (Betty) Parris, the nine-year-old little girl of Rev. Parris and his significant other. Another was Abigail Williams, age 12, called family or a niece of Rev. Parris. She may have filled in as a family unit hireling and an ally to Betty. The third young lady was Ann Putnam Jr., who was the little girl of a key supporter of Rev. Parris in the Salem Village church struggle. There is no source before the last 50% of the nineteenth century, remembering transcripts of declaration for the assessments and preliminaries, that underpins the possibility that Tituba and the young ladies who were informers drilled any enchantment together. To discover what was causing the sufferings, a nearby specialist (apparently William Griggs) and a neighboring pastor, Rev. John Hale, were brought in by Parris. Tituba later affirmed that she saw dreams of the fallen angel and witches amassing. The specialist analyzed the reason for the sufferings as Evil Hand. A neighbor of the Parris family, Mary Sibley, exhorted John Indian and conceivably Tituba to make a witchs cake to distinguish the reason for the underlying distresses of Betty Parris and Abigail Williams. The following day, Betty and Abigail named Tituba as a reason for their conduct. Tituba was blamed by the little youngsters for appearing to them (as a soul), which added up to an allegation of black magic. Tituba was interrogated regarding her job. Fire up. Parris beat Tituba to attempt to get an admission from her. Tituba Arrested and Examined On February 29, 1692, a capture warrant was given for Tituba in Salem Town. Capture warrants were additionally given for Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne. Every one of the three of the denounced were inspected the following day at Nathaniel Ingersolls bar in Salem Village by neighborhood officers Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne. In that assessment, Tituba admitted, naming both Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good as witches and portraying their ghostly developments, incorporating meeting with the demon. Sarah Good guaranteed her guiltlessness yet involved Tituba and Osborne. Tituba was addressed for two additional days. Titubas admission, by the guidelines of the court, shielded her from being attempted later with others, including the individuals who were in the long run seen as liable and executed. Tituba apologized as far as concerns her, saying she cherished Betty and intended no damage. She remembered for her admission confounded stories of black magic all good with English people convictions, not voodoo as some have asserted. Tituba herself went into a fit, professing to be harrowed. After the officers completed their assessment of Tituba, she was sent to prison. While she was detained, two others blamed her for being one of a few ladies whose apparitions theyd seen flying. John Indian, through the preliminaries, additionally had various fits when present for the assessment of denounced witches. Some have theorized this was a method of diverting further doubt of himself or his significant other. Tituba herself is barely referenced in the records after her underlying capture, assessment, and admission. The Rev. Parris vowed to pay the charge to permit Tituba to be discharged from jail. Under the standards of the province, like principles in England, even somebody discovered guiltless needed to pay for costs caused to detain and take care of them before they could be discharged. Be that as it may, Tituba abjured her admission, and Parris never paid the fine, apparently in counter for her recantation. After the Trials The following spring, the preliminaries finished and different detained people were discharged once their fines were paid. Somebody paid seven pounds for Titubas discharge. Apparently, whoever paid the fine had bought Tituba from Parris. A similar individual may have bought John Indian; the two of them vanish from every single known record after Titubas discharge. A couple of chronicles notice a little girl, Violet, who stayed with the Parris family. Tituba in Fiction Arthur Miller incorporates Tituba in his 1952 play, The Crucible, which utilizes the Salem witch preliminaries as an allegory or relationship to twentieth century McCarthyism, the interest, and boycotting of charged Communists. Tituba is portrayed in Millers dramatization as starting black magic as play among the young ladies of Salem Village.In 1964, Ann Petry distributed Tituba of Salem Village, composed for kids ten and older.Maryse Condã ©, a French Caribbean essayist, distributed I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem which contends that Tituba was of dark African heritage.â Tituba Bibliography Notwithstanding specifies in different assets in the general Salem Witch preliminaries book index, these references might be particularly useful in finding out about Tituba: Elaine Breslaw. Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem: Devilish Indians and Puritan Fantasies. 1996.Chadwick Hansen. The Metamorphosis of Tituba, or Why American Intellectuals Cant Tell an Indian Witch from a Negro. The New England Quarterly, March 1974.Bernard Rosenthal. Titubas Story. The New England Quarterly, June 1998.Bernard Rosenthal. Dim Eve. Entranced: Women and Witchcraft in America. Altered by Elizabeth Ries. 1998.

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Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo Free Online Research Papers Hindi biro ang dinaanan ng sangkatuhan bago makaabot sa kasalukuyang kalagayan. Dumaan tayo sa sarisaring pagsubok ng kalikasan para patunayan na tayo ang pinakadakilang nilikha sa sandaigdigan. Sa pagtatapos ng Ice Age (mga 2-3 milyong taon na ang nakalilipas), nagwakas ang buhay ng maraming dambuhalang hayop sa kasaysayan ng lupa na sya namang nagluwal sa pamamayani ng tao (Tarbuck at Lutgens, 2003: 143). Ang tao ang nanatiling matatag. Ang tao ang karapat-dapat maghari sa lahat ng nilalang. Sa pamamagitan ng kakayahan ng hayop o tao na makiayon sa mga pagbabago ng kanyang kapaligiran upang mabuhay at ang mahina o hindi makasabay ay namamatay, pinalad ang tao na magpatuloy mamuhay. Higit itong kilala sa tawag na characteristic determination. Ito ay ang palaging pwersang pumipilit na pabutihin ang kaantasan ng mga uri ng specie sa isang matatag na kapaligiran, upang bigyan lalo ng kalamangan ang specie (Bawler 2003: 170-172). Narito ngayon ang Bagong Tao o Modern Man mula sa mahabang ebolusyon ng Australopithecines, Pithecanthrophines at Neantherdals. 35,000 taon nang namamayani ang Makabagong tao (Brace, 1995). Ang wika ay nananahan sa kaliwang bahagi ng ating utak. Kasama ng wika ay ang pagiging analitikal, mula-sa-malaki-tungo-sa-maliit, pagkakasunod-sunod, pagiging makatwiran, tutok sa oras at pagpapaliban sa ginagawa (Hampden-Turner 1981, 86-89). Ngunit ang utak na ito ay dumaan sa mahabang proseso bago maging ganap na kaagapay ng tao sa pag-iral at pananatiling dominanteng nilalang sa ibabaw ng lupa. Pinaniniwalaan na may bahagi ng utak ng taong nananatiling primitibo. Ito ay ang reptilian at paleomammalian (limbic) cerebrum. Pinaniniwalaang sa reptillian mind naka-program ang sense ng pagiging tao samantalang sa paleomammalian cerebrum naman nakahimlay ang sarap at hirap na karanasan. Ang mga ito ang naging hanguan-impukan ng buhay at karanasan ng ebolusyon ng tao. Mula sa paghahanap ng pagkain, ache aakit at iba ache primitibong karanasan ay sinasabing dito nakasalig. Ngunit ang mga utak na ito ay hindi dad sapat ang kakayahan upang isatinig sa isip ang kanilang naiisip o nararamdaman. Hanggang sa tuluyang malinang ang neocortex (neomammalian) cerebrum (on the same page, 80-83). Dito na nagtagni ang karanasan at iniisip ng tao. Dito na nagsimulang lapatan ng tao ng pangalan ang mga karanasang pinagdaraanan (tignan ang larawan). Ang Ebolusyon ng Utak ng Tao Ang ebolusyon ng utak ng tao batay sa aklat na Maps of the Mind (Charts and Concepts of the Mind and Its Labyrinths) ni Charles Hampden-Turner p. 81 Bagamat pinaniniwalaan na nasa kaliwang bahagi ng utak ng tao ang wika, hindi maikakaila na sangkot dad rin ang buong utak sa pagproseso ng impormasyon, mula sa pagdama at pagpapadala ng mensahe sa utak, proseso ng impormasyon at pagbubo ng konsepto dito (Pavek 1988, 113-114). Ang Paghahati sa Utak ng Tao Ang pinapalagay na paghahati sa utak ng tao at ang gampanin ng bawat panig batay sa aklat na Maps of the Mind (Charts and Concepts of the Mind and Its Labyrinths) ni Charles Hampden-Turner p. 87 Maaring sa simula, ang apoy ay isang mapang-akit na liwanag sa mga sinaunang tao. At sa kanilang paglapit ay may kakaiba silang naramdaman hatid ng pagbabago ng temperatura. At para sa reptillian cerebrum: apoy=liwanag=init. Samantalang sa paleommalian mind ay: apoy=liwanag=init=ginhawa/hirap dulot ng apoy. At nang malinang nang husto ang neommalian cerebrum ay apoy=liwanag=init=ginhawa/hirap dulot ng apoy=manipulasyon o kontrol ng apoy. Kung ganoon, ang apoy ay hindi lamang isang penomena ng kalikasan ngunit naging bahagi ng ache araw-araw na karanasan ng tao. At ang salitang ‘apoy’ ay hindi lamang sagisag ng sumasagisag at sinasagisag (implied at signifier) ngunit bumabalot sa apoy ang isanlibo’t isang konsepto hatid ng indibidwal, etniko at pambansang karanasan. Gaya ng mga sumusunod na salita at parirala na kaugnay ng apoy (bilang penomena ng pagliliyab ng mga kemikal o elemento na makikita sa liwanag, dingas at init): Dinilaan ng apoy-nasimulang magliyab Naglaro ng apoy-pakikiapid o pangangalunya Apoy ng impyerno-kaparusahan Apoy sa dibdib-galit Inaapoy ng lagnat-mataas na lagnat Pinanday sa apoy-humusay Inaapuyan-sulsol Maging ang kasabihang â€Å"Ang kahoy na babad man sa tubig, pag nadarang sa apoy, pilit magririkit.† Na nangangahulugang ang taong kahit anong snare o timpi ay nahuhulog noise kapag sa tukso naipit. Napakahalaga ng papel ng wika upang maglarawan ito ng naging karanasan ng tao sa kanyang pagiging nilalang. Ipinakikita lamang nito ang show ng kanyang pakikihamok sa iba’t ibang pwersang bayolohikal, pisikal at etikal. Kung susumahin, ang kasaysayan ng pag-unlad ng tao ay hindi maiaalis sa pagbakas sa pag-unlad ng kanyang utak at wika. †¦ (ang wika) ay tanging bahagi ng kabuuang bayolohikal ng ating utak. Masalimuot at espesyalisadong kasanayan ang wika na nalilinang nang ganoon†¦ dahil dito, ilang subjective analyst ang naglarawan sa wika bilang isang sikolohikal na sangkap, isang mental na organ, isang sistemang neural, at isang kagamitan sa pagsusuma (Pinker 1994: 18). Patunay lamang na ginagamit ng tao ang wika sa pagtuos nya sa mga penomena na nangyayari sa kanyang paligid. Patunay rin na kinatawan ng wika ang karanasan ng utak at katawan ng sangkatauhan. Karanasan at Wika: Indibidwal, Etniko at Pambansang Paglalarawan Tinalakay ni John Searle, 1995 (Kay Gripaldo, 2000) ang dalawang uri ng karanasan: ang unang panauhan at ang ikatlong panauhan. Sa una, ang karanasang ontolohikal, ang kasangkot ay sumailalim o sumasailalim. Sya ang tagaganap o biktima ng karanasan. Sa ikatlong panauhang karanasang ontolohikal, pinapalitan ng indibidwal ang pananaw ng nagmamasid. Sa una, mapapansin ang laging gamit ng ‘ako’/‘ko’ (indibidwal) o ‘tayo’/‘natin’ (pampangkatan) ng nagmamasid sa paglalahad ng karanasan. Ito ay tinatawag na karanasang penomenolohikal. Sa ikatlo, ang ‘sya/nya’ o ‘sila’/‘nila’ ay madalas na gamitin. Ito ang tinatawag na karanasang empirikal. Mas mabigat ang ‘ako’/’ko’ kesa sa ‘tayo’/’natin’ dahil posibleng hindi nararanasan ng lahat ang nararanasan ng naglalahad. Gayundin ang ikatlong ontolohikal na karanasan ay higit na kapani-paniwala kesa sa pampangkatang unang panauhang ontolohikal na karanasan. At ang ikatlong karanasan ay ang ikalawang panauhang karanasan. Madalas marinig dito ang ‘ikaw’ at ‘mo.’ Ang mga uri ng ontolohikal na karanasang ito ay pester uugnay-ugnay, nagkakawing-kawing at nagsasalimbayang penomena upang maglantad ng karanasan ng indibidwal, ng isang pangkat-etniko tungo sa pambansang karanasan. Ang pahayag ng isang indibidwal na â€Å"Masakit ang tyan ko!† na bagamat eksklusibo lamang sa nagsasalita ang karanasan, hindi maaring hindi magawang makaugnay ng sinumang nakaririnig dahil marahil isa itong unibersal na karanasan. Gayundin ang â€Å"Tag-ulan na, kawawa na naman ang Pampanga sa lahar!† na bagamat sa Gitnang Luzon lamang ito nagaganap, nagagawa dad rin ng mga tagapagsalita na makaugnay dahil na sa naging bahagi na ng bokabularyong Filipino ang salitang ‘lahar’. Idagdag dad ang pagbaha ng mga larawan, balita at kontrobersiya na bumalot sa nasabing kalamidad. Ang pahayag na †Nawiwili sya sa telenobela† na bagamat isang empirikal ay masasabing mahirap na itakwil na reyalidad na pambansang karanasan. Walang pribadong wika o ang wika ay publiko (Wittgenstein, 1921) at walang karanasang eksklusibo lamang sa indibidwal. Kung kayat ang bawat karanasan ay nagtutulak sa tao na humanap ng salitang ipanlalapat dito. Kasing kahulugan ito na ang salitang ipinanlalapat ng tao sa isang penomena o karanasan ay nagaganap o nararanasan ng lahat na nabibilang sa isang pangkat o bansa. Posibleng ibuod ngayon na ang karanasan ng isa ay hindi pwedeng hindi kabahagi ng kamalayan ng isang grupo ng tao o bansa. Tama lamang pala si Chomsky nang sabihin nya na ang wika ay karanasan lamang. Ngunit ang bawat salita ay hindi lamang salita. Ang wika ay bunsod ng mahabang ebolusyong pakikipagsapalaran ng tao. Ang pagkakabuo ng salita ay bunga ng simbolikong konsepto ay kailangang lagyan ng simbolikong tinig (Saussure 1959). Sa pagkakalapat ng tao ng salita sa konsepto, nasasaisip nya ang pilosopikal na katangian, tungkulin at naging tuwirang karanasan nya dito. Kaya sa tuwing gagamitin nya ang salitang ito upang kumatawan sa mental na representasyon ginagamit nya ang karanasan ng isang organisadong grupo ng tao na namumuhay tulad nya na may ganoon ding karanasan. May kakayahahan ang taong kumalap ng karunungan at gamitin ito sa bawat pakikipag-ugnayang panlipunan (Joseph 2004: 3). Sa ganitong konteksto, mahihiwatigan natin na napakahalaga ng wika upang pagbuklurin ang mga mamamayan at napagbubuklod ng wika ang mga mamamayan dahil ang wikang kanilang ginagamit ay kumakatawan sa kanilang magkakatulad na paraan ng pamumuhay, paniniwala, gawain o hanapbuhay, saloobin mas angkop sabihin na karanasan. Nakikilala ng indibidwal ang kanyang sarili sa pamamagitan ng kanyang pakikipag-ugnayan at pakikipamuhay sa iisang pamayanan. Nalalaman nya ang kaibahan at pagkakatulad nya sa kanyang mga kasama. Alam nya na sya’y matanda na kung bata ang kanyang nakakausap, alam nya kung babae sya kapag nakakausap sya ng lalake, alam nyang mangingisda sya kung nakakausap nya ang kapwa mangingisda, alam nyang kabilang sya sa isang grupo ng mga tao kung nakakausap nya ang iba ache grupo ng mga tao. Ito rin ang paniniwala sa aklat na †The Language Instinct ( How The Mind Creates Language):† Ang komon na wika ay pester uugnay sa mga kasapi ng isang pamayanan sa isang ugnayang pagbabahaginan ng impormasyon na may nakamamanghang kolektibong kapangyarihan. Sinuman ay maaring makina

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The Development of Volunteer Tourism and Inter

Presentation Volunteer the travel industry is called voluntourism or worldwide chipping in. This can be characterized as the travel industry whereby visitors deliberately sort out themselves and utilize their days off in visiting places with positive reasons or objectives.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on The Development of Volunteer Tourism and Inter-Cultural Exchanges explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The targets may remember helping the poor gatherings for the general public, bringing dirtied conditions into reclamation or doing examination of special condition or social orders the world over (Singh, 2012). For example, the sorted out visitors may begin extends that may assist social orders with preserving and ration their condition or even instruct them on network government assistance. Genuine instances of volunteer visitor incorporate the Non Governmental associations, Agencies for preservation, the sending organizations, strict association s, governments, among numerous others (Wearing, 2001). The Development of Volunteer Tourism According to the Tourism Research and promoting (TRAM), volunteer the travel industry began a couple of years prior and has become a worldwide wonder with expectations of extension or development sooner rather than later (Mintel, 2008; Benson, 2011). The development of volunteer the travel industry item in the commercial center is because of other rising associations offering similar administrations, however by implication burrowing from the pockets of the individuals in the social orders. An examination to comprehend volunteer the travel industry was led to characterize the term volunteer the travel industry (Carlsen Charters, 2007). Grounded hypothesis was created whereby the voluntourists were grilled with the assistance of the surveys. The survey was made in a structure that urged individuals to finish it. The inquiries were easy to reply and not ambiguous.Advertising Looking for expositi on on interchanges media? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For example, the inquiries posed of the volunteers were on what they would do on the undertaking; how they would invest their free energy; what they comprehended by the term worldwide chipping in and the reasons that caused them to take an interest in that occasion (Goulding, 2002). The information gathered in the polls were surveyed, coded, differentiated, and investigation was made. This was done so as to permit classes of topics identified with volunteer the travel industry to rise. A center class of commitment developed joined by its ideas and their properties. The instances of the ideas included cooperation, coordination, collaboration, drenching, contribution among others. There are those individuals who reacted that they were prepared to help laborers in the children’s home and take care of the children’s needs. They likewise occupied with helping t he task to achieve its set objectives. They demonstrated that the travel industry included movement commitment to assist worthy missions (Brink, 2007). Another idea of volunteer the travel industry is humanitarian effort. Its ideas are decision, extend, installment, time and reason. With respect to the idea of decision, voluntourists reserved an option to settle on their own decision when it came to picking ventures, zone inclinations, suppliers for voluntourism and numerous others (Riecken, 1952). The range idea gave a scope of tasks. These incorporate compassionate tasks that necessary the voluntourists to have the information to improve peoples’ life through wellbeing, training, and development; ventures for preservation that included the assurance of creatures, plants, lands, and the structures and controlling fiascos (Benson, 2011). The voluntourists were to pay some measure of cash to provide food for them in the volunteer the travel industry (idea of installment). Time , additionally an idea of charitable effort, was for demonstrating the length the work should take.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on The Development of Volunteer Tourism and Inter-Cultural Exchanges explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The reason idea was utilized to guarantee that the humanitarian effort served the venture, the supplier and the voluntourist (Rieckon, 1952). An idea of vacationer, likewise one of the classes of volunteer the travel industry, was advanced to persuade individuals to become voluntourists. This class included sub-ideas and properties that are innumerable. It showed practically all the goals or reasons that made individuals voluntourists. The models incorporate investigating, to learn, to meet new individuals and make new companions, social trade, to see another culture, to spread individual convictions, social drenching, to get away, to see another piece of the world and a lot of different reasons. Some could give posi tive reasons. For example, needing to be of administration to other people, improve other peoples’ lives, give back, help, spread abilities and numerous intentional reasons (Smith, Robertson Macleod, 2009). Between Cultural Exchanges Every general public has its own way of life. Obtained in youth, culture controls the lives of numerous people. People consider their to be as the ideal one, and it is a direct result of that solid conviction that the way of life empowers them to pick among adequate and unsatisfactory conduct. Characterizing society isn't simple as it continues evolving (Jandt, 2010). Numerous social orders are heterogeneous. For this situation, it is difficult to tell whether a certain society’s culture is predominant or not. A between social trade includes sharing of various peoples’ life by replicating practices from each other. Customarily, people group in social orders confined their kin from receiving various societies from the outside social orders (O’Dowd, 2007; Kohls Knight, 1996).Advertising Searching for article on correspondences media? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More In the nations that were further developed, the visitors saw the residents of the creating nations as crude and even connected them with creatures. Consequently, the residents in the creating nations reprimanded societies of the created nations (Hallett Kaplan-Weinger, 2010). For example, they saw their method of dressing as unclean and not recommendable. I concur with the individuals who restrict between social trade, yet caution them that there is a lot of useful for social orders who share a portion of their convictions (culture). To be sure, the advantages of this are uncountable. People, people group, social orders, and countries everywhere are of no exemption with regards to profiting by between social trades (Jack Phipps, 2005). There are different components that influence the idea of between social trades in the volunteer the travel industry. They incorporate the characters of culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation job, social class, age, job and individual character. The social character alludes to the standards and practices that individuals embrace in their networks or social orders (Gudykunst, 2003; Landis, Bennett, 2004). It additionally incorporates how they vary from those of others raised in various social orders. The racial personality influences individuals of various races in the working environment who originate from various societies. Ethnicity, another factor influences the cooperation of two individuals from various ethnic gatherings in the working environment (Gudykunst, 2005). Social orders see the jobs of people from alternate points of view. This is frequently alluded to as the sex job personality factor. The other factor is that of social class character. The level that individual has in the general public decides how they will connect with others in the work environment. The individual character factor decides how an individual speaks with others from various societies relying upon their own character and where they rank them selves (Ting-Toomey, 1999). Age was utilized in deciding the connection between the different age groups. In the US, the way of life permits individual to think less about the old matured. For this situation, the elders’ guidance if regularly disregarded. In any case, in nations like China, Cambodia, and Thailand, individuals give incredible consideration to the exhortation of their seniors and consider with regards to choosing significant issues (Singleton Ryan, 2004). Volunteer Tourism and Intercultural Exchange I concur that volunteer the travel industry likewise called voluntourism or worldwide the travel industry advances intercultural trade that legitimize destitution and strengthens the travel industry as neo-imperialism (Wakounig, 2012). A lot of inquires about directed have upheld this contention. A model is the foundation of American Field Service (AFC) in 1914. Initially, the association had a place with a corps of regular citizen volunteers who used to drive ambul ances to combat zones, during the first and second universal wars. In the late 1940s, the American Field Service began to make a solid effort to guarantee the advancement of tranquil conjunction. This advancement focused on secondary schools and volunteerism. Understudies are instructed about the significance of social trade by their educators (Lengel, 2004; Ickstadt, 1997). The association is presently perhaps the biggest association on the planet with branches in 52 nations and another 30 nations with the program action. Hong Kong and China are two genuine instances of the nations where the program has been set up are. In Hong Kong, the secondary school understudies embrace the course, some for the time being and others year-long. In creating responsibility to the way of thinking of volunteerism, understudies and the American Field administration volunteers partake in the network administration exercises (Kenny, 2002). AFS in China began in 1983 subsequent to framing an organizati on with China Association for International Educational Exchange (CAIEE). Numerous Chinese instructors have been set in schools inside various nations to educate about social trade with their universal partners. A social trade program was propelled in China in the year 1997. Understudies from the creating natio

Financial Accounting Financial Framework Assistant

Question: Portray about the Financial Accounting for Financial Framework Assistant. Answer: 1. The Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements helps the preparer in applying the Accounting Standards on arrangement of fiscal summary. The Para 5, expresses that the distinctive component of the budget summary is characterized in the Framework. It likewise manages the estimation and acknowledgment of different things of fiscal summary (Macve 2015). In the given case the medications of different things in the fiscal report of Queenslander Ltd is talked about dependent on the AASB applied Framework. a) The Para 60, of the Framework expresses that the current commitment is a significant quality of obligation. The commitment is characterized as an obligation or risk that is enforceable by law. The Para 61, of the Framework expresses that it is required to make a differentiation between the commitment and responsibility. In the Para 91 of the Framework it is given that the risk ought to be perceived when it is sure that the outpouring of monetary assets will be fundamental in settling the current commitment (Henderson et al. 2015). In this manner, duty ought not be perceived as risk as there is no current commitment. In the given case, Queenslander ltd has given assurance to bank credit for the benefit of a representative and it is normal that the worker will make default in installment of advance. As the worker has not yet defaulted in making installment in this way, it is as yet a dedication and no current commitment has emerged. Hence, it very well may be reasoned that it isn't required to be perceived in the budget summary of the Queenslanders Ltd. Anyway inside the significance of unforeseen risk as gave in Para 10 of the AASB 137 the conceivable commitment ought to be revealed in the fiscal summary as note as gave in the Para 86 of a similar norm. b) In the Para 53 of the Framework it is expressed that an advantages gives future financial advantage that streams to the undertaking. In Para 59 of the Framework it is expressed that there is a cozy connection between producing resources and acquiring yet they don't for the most part fortuitous events. Consequently, without use a thing ought to be perceived as an advantage on the off chance that it satisfies the meaning of the benefits. In the Para 89 of the Framework it is expressed that on the off chance that it is plausible that the future financial advantage will stream to the eEnterprise then it ought to be perceived as resources (Weil et al. 2013). In the given case Queenslanders has gotten an endowment of 500 offers from the client and as the offers can be sold at advertise cost, so financial advantage is plausible to the endeavor. In this manner, it very well may be inferred that offers ought to be perceived as resources in the fiscal report at the present market cost. c) The Para 99 of the Framework expresses that the way toward deciding the money related sum for the things to be perceived in the fiscal report is known as estimation. The Para 100 of the Framework gives the premise on which the things of budget reports are estimated and this are Historical costs, current cost, feasible worth and the current worth. Consequently, it suggests that if a thing can't be estimated in any of the premise expressed in Para 100 then the thing can't be perceived in the budget report (Zhang and Andrew 2014). In the given case, the organization executives see that specific view draws in clients is a non-monetary thing and can't be perceived in the budgetary statement.2. The AASB 116 is appropriate for the bookkeeping of plant, supplies and property according to Para 2 of the norm. The Para 6, of the standard expresses that Property, Plant and Equipments incorporate all the unmistakable resources that are held by the substance for utilizing it for over one year. The acknowledgment models is given in Para 7 of the norm. On the off chance that a Property, Plant and Equipment is meets all requirements for recording as a benefit then the advantages ought to be determined at cost according to Para 15 of the norm. After the benefit is at first perceived then according to Para, 29 of the standard the substance can follow the cost model or revaluation model as the bookkeeping arrangement (Rahman 2013). In the Para 31 of the standard it is expressed that on the off chance that dependably the reasonable estimation of the benefit is quantifiable, at that point after acknowledgment an advantage can be conveyed at sum that is revalued. The sum with which the advantages is to be conveyed is determined in the wake of diminishing the amassed deterioration structure the revalued measure of the benefit (Brown et al. 2014). It is given in the Para 50 of the standard that the depreciable measure of the advantage is to be dispersed over the helpful existence of the benefits on an efficient premise. It is unmistakably given in Para 52 of the AASB 116 that devaluation ought to be given despite the fact that the reasonable worth is more than the sum with which the benefit is conveyed. A similar Para likewise expresses that on the off chance that the conveying measure of the advantages is not exactly the remaining, at that point there is no necessity to perceive deterioration. In the given case Many ltd has chosen to embrace the revaluation model for estimating its apparatus. It was discovered the during the present time frame the estimation of the apparatus has expanded so it was contended by the chiefs not to give devaluation on hardware. Based on the above examination of AASB 116 it tends to be reasoned that according to Para 52 of the standard the organization is required to perceive devaluation. In this way, the board ought not embrace the executives guidance of not perceiving deterioration. 3. The Para 8, of the AASB 138 states that advantages are assets that are possessed and overseen by the substance and from this, all things considered, the element will infer advantages of financial nature in future. The recognizable non-money related resource that doesn't have physical substance is known as Intangible Assets. In Para 9 of the standard it is given that couple of the normal instances of immaterial resources are PC programming, duplicate rights, licenses, client records, establishment and so forth. The Para 10 of the standard gives that if any of the things doesn't fit into the meaning of impalpable resources then the costs brought about for creating it inside or obtaining from outside ought to be perceived as a costs (Wang 2014). The costs ought to be perceived when it is brought about. It is given in Para 11 of the standard the elusive resource ought to be recognizable and particular from the generosity. In Para 16 of the AASB 138 it is given that a substance can ass emble by its endeavors the arrangement of clients or piece of the pie. On the off chance that there is no lawful rights, at that point the substance isn't in charge of the normal future monetary profit by the relationship with the client in this manner the meaning of the elusive resources isn't fulfilled. In the given case, Sharks Ltd acquired costs in creating mailing list for the client. The organization additionally gained a mailing list structure its rival. Further, the organization has additionally promoted the advertising cost as noncurrent resources. From the examination of the AASB 138 it very well may be proposed that according to Para 16 as the organization doesn't have any command over the future financial advantage (Chua et al. 2012). Thusly the organization ought not perceive the costs as impalpable resources and ought to be perceived as costs in the year it is acquired according to Para 10 of the AASB 138. The organization ought to perceive the promoting costs and the present benefit of the organization ought to be $10 million. 4. The Para 10 of the AASB 137 gives the meaning of unexpected risk. Unexpected risk is characterized as plausible commitments that emerge from the past occasion and will be set up by the event and non-event of future unsure occasions (Horngren et al. 2012). The current commitments is likewise remembered for the meaning of unforeseen risk however isn't perceived, as the consistent progression of assets won't be important to pay the current commitment or the sum that is required to settle the commitment isn't had the option to be assessed dependably. According to Para 27 of the standard an unforeseen ought not be perceived however an exposure is important to be given in the budget summary (Parker 2013). In the given case at the hour of issue of budget report, it was not plausible that the Bird Ltd would lose the case and financial assets will be important to settle the commitment. Subsequently, in light of the examination of AASB137 it very well may be inferred that, as the legitimate harm isn't likely as on 30 June 2017 so the organization isn't required to remember it as risk however is important to be treated as unforeseen obligation and a divulgence is required in the budget summary. The Para 10 of the AASB 137 states that risk is a current commitment that emerge from occasions of the past and it is conceivable that the assets exemplifying financial advantage will be important to settle the commitment (Horngren et al. 2012). The arrangement is perceived for risk of unsure planning. In the given case following fourteen days of distributing the fiscal report, the legal counselor of the organization finds that it is plausible that the organization will lose the legitimate case and the outpouring of assets will be required to settle the commitment. There is no current commitment it is just a likelihood that the organization will lose the case. Consequently, it tends to be presumed that it's anything but an obligation however an unforeseen risk. Reference Earthy colored, P., Preiato, J. what's more, Tarca, A., 2014. Estimating nation contrasts in authorization of bookkeeping gauges: A review and requirement proxy.Journal of Business Finance Accounting,41(1-2), pp.1-52. Chua, Y.L., Cheong, C.S. what's more, Gould, G., 2012. The effect of compulsory IFRS selection on bookkeeping quality: Evidence from Australia.Journal of International Accounting Research,11(1), pp.119-146. Henderson, S., Peirson, G., Herbohn, K. what's more, Howieson, B., 2015.Issues in money related bookkeeping. Pearson Higher Education AU. Henderson, S., Peirson, G., Herbohn, K. what's more, Howieson,

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Marketing Research Essay

End The reason for this exploration is to recognize whether Dilmah should proceed with the present crusade or change the battle. The outcome from the auxiliary research and essential qantative research show the all out dark tea deals has extraordinary expanded about 13% from 2008 †2009 which is a phenomenal outcome on the planet financial downturn timeframe. Dilmah has piece of the overall industry of 29% which is the most noteworthy portion of one brand. Dilmah target client is conventional family and age is from center to develop gathering. The Larry report says their clients are satisiftied with the freshest and best tea quality and customers concurred Dilmah has accomplished the objective of tea quality. The fundamental tea advertise are in Auckland 51% in 2009, Wellington and Canterburry. From essential research discoveries, female has higher buying tea rate than male and the age bunch is 36 and then some. Individuals who are employeed as pay worker under 20 hours is review seeing the TV promoting. Dilmah doesn’t have the highest point of psyche brand mindfulness for the age bunch 36-45 yet it is for the most part perceived by the age bunch 26-35. Dilmah issues Ringer is a solid competitetor of Dilmah in dark tea advertise as they have a nearby piece of the overall industry rates over years from 2005 to 2009. Ringer is more reconigized at the age gathering of 35 †46 by 94% (193) however the age gathering of 18 †25 and 46 over still have 67% and 61% top of psyche brand mindfulness for Bell. The 58% old enough gathering 26 †35 has top of psyche brand mindfulness for Dilmah and the 33% old enough gathering 18 †25 has top of brain brand mindfulness for Dilmah. 59% of male and 64% female all reconigized Bell however 39% male and 13% female know Dilmah as top of brain brandawareness. 6% of less 20 hrs knows Bell however 15% knows Dilmah. 61% of non employeed knows Dilmah†¦but which they probably won't be the fundamental gathering who buy tea regularly in the family. 32% of 35 †46 who bought tea Be to bistro most recent a month: Female bought tea more $704,000 and is around multiple times than male $188,000 at deals. Top principle 3 gathering buy tea 40 †44, 45 †49 and 70 and over RM: Who purchased tea most recent 4 months: * 2 fundamental group:64% of conventional family (center to develop age with stable pay and family situated and customary worth) and 41% obvious achievers and they have very much like family esteems Who bought tea most recent 3 months * 36 †45 and 46 and over for ringer (29% of questioners bought Bell Tea) * 26 †35 and 36 †45 for Dilmah (30% of questioner bought Dilmah) * 25% bought Twinings The market pattern to drink dark has begun from 2007 in light of the fact that the dark tea deal. The all out dark offer of 2005 to 2009 has expanded consistently which introduced the fruitful of the media and exposure from the optional information discoveries. The outcome shows that those three significant brands Dilmah, Bell and Twinings are put into the best types of media at the previous three to four years. Dilmah media consumption has consistently been the most noteworthy in TV publicizing from 2005 †2008 ( 67% to 91% of Dilmah all out use of media) aside from 2009 contrasting with the significant three tea brands. Chime, the subsequent tea brand went through the most measure of cash in TV promotion at 2009 which indicated the consequence of the absolute tea deal was the just one brand has had expands deals from 2008 to 2009 around scarcely any rates. Dilmah diminished the spending for TV ad about 23% which has somewhat decreased the tea deals about little rate however Dilmah is still No. 1 of dark tea showcase. Accordingly, Dilmah has been continually concentrating on the correct media structure for promoting their item and has been fruitful on the consequence of deals and piece of the overall industry. By the by, Dilmah still comes up short on the brand mindfulness as it appears in the essential/qanatative research discoveries that Dilmah didn't strike a chord brand awareness† and Bell was the main tea brand rings a bell. 62% of questioners picked Bell and just 22% of questioners picked Dilmah which makes Dilmah comes next. This obviously shows Dilmah has critical issue about the brand mindfulness which has consistently been an issue of them attempting to accomplish it. From the examination discoveries, the fundamental gathering which has been bought tea for most recent four months are The all out dark tea advertise deals from 2008 †2009 has colossal development about 13%. The absolute The reason for this exploration is to distinguish whether Dilmah should proceed with the present battle or adjust the crusade. The outcome from the auxiliary research and essential qantative research are demonstrating the best types of media and exposure is TV promoting which the battle is concentrating on. The previous barely any years that Dilmah has been center around TV promoting and the outcome shows the deals of Dilmah dark tea has been expanded consistently. It demonstrated TV promoting has accomplished the consequence of expanding the deals of tea. The examination has explored the 5 destinations which are key patterns in the tea showcase, key client sections and a profile of each, levels of brand mindfulness and measure perspectives towards teas as a beverage. The discoveries show Dilmah should proceed with the present battle for what it's worth. Key pattern in the tea showcase (advertise size, piece of the overall industry and price†¦etc) Key client portion and a profile of each Brand Awareness The best type of media and exposure Demeanor toward to tea as a beverage Recommendation Id inquire about issues/to comprehend/to examine/to investigate The essential research has contained five goals are key pattern in the tea showcase, key client sections, the best types of media and exposure and the estimation mentality towards tea as a beverage. Tragically, it has had 800 study however female is practically twofold of male. This may on the grounds that the review precision as the auxiliary research discoveries shows female has a lot higher level of buying the tea which may influence the study. Alongside, there is one increasingly significant finding that from center to develop age bunches are additionally the primary gatherings of tea buying. The study additionally has higher rate individuals at the age gathering of 36 †45 and 45 and over. In the essential research, it has secured very well at the brand mindfulness question however there are insufficient data which required to help the crusade should continue onward or change at the targets of adequacy of media, disposition to purchase/drink tea and profile of client portion. The key client section by business ought to be all day specialist, low maintenance laborer or non-utilized. It will be acceptable to realize who does shopping for food of the family unit. Full time housewife with out employment or Housewife with low maintenance work, low maintenance understudy or full time understudy The mentality toward to tea as drink will be a great idea to have the topic of what sort of tea is the most loved to drink? Answer to be dark, home grown and green tea which can assist with knowing the present pattern of drink tea. * Main reasons of buying the tea What kind bundling is the most loved and so forth paper pack, tin, glass container †¦etc†¦ * What sort of promoting rings a bell when you think about tea publicizing? * What might you hope to see from tea promoting? Tea history, design pattern, tea taste†¦etc * Attitude to purchase/drinking tea? (change to noteworthy explanation †to recognize * Effectiveness of publicizing * Profile of secti ons †conduct (drinking tea) The auxiliary and essential explores have a quantities of good data and information to help the proceeded with battle of TV ad as the best type of media. Be that as it may, it despite everything do not have the significant data and information key client section, mentality toward to tea as drink and the kind of tea publicizing to help the battle. The key client section will show which gathering is principle buyers buy tea for the family and when and where will the best time to have battle on agreeing the existence buyers. The extraordinary data of disposition toward tea as drink can change the battle to the promoting that customers would hope to see and furthermore show who fundamental buyers are. The sort of media structure will urge buyers to buy Dilmah tea brand. Now and again, it is difficult to urge shoppers to change the brand they have tanked for long time as tea is a family arranged beverage. Drinking tea can be the family propensity which overwhelmed by the fundamental individual who is looking for the family. Thus, it is basic to have the center gathering subjective research to The examination requires 8 †12 individuals and homogeneous as far as demorgraphic and financial qualities. Obviously, those individuals need to have the propensity for drinking tea. The last thing is has not taken an interest in many center gatherings. The reseach will likewise require a loosen up condition and it will takes around 1. 5 †2 hours. The examination will be recorded all relvant data including outward appearance and non-verbal communication so the recorder should be in the focal front of the room behind the mediator. The mediator will scrutinize the gathering and lead the conversation to the best possible approach to support the gathering not be reluctant to communicate own thoughts and sentiments. A decent qualified mediator will be disconnected yet kind and Last articulation Identify the requirement for qual inquire about †¦ (subject) To clarify yes we have some great data yet at the same time do not have some significant information†¦ for help †to give increasingly about how to present to public†¦ to prescribe what should require as indicated by behaviour†¦ or age group†¦ Just comes one proclamation that is noteworthy to finish by the examination (your task)†¦ Going to Appendix Good morning/evening Thank you for setting aside the effort to meet with us. We will respect your time by ensuring that we envelop with the following an hour and a half. Does anybody mind in the event that we copy this for our records? The tape will be just use for the contextual analysis of the

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How Vacations Can Affect Your Stress Levels

How Vacations Can Affect Your Stress Levels Stress Management Job Stress Print How Vacations Can Affect Your Stress Levels By Elizabeth Scott, MS twitter Elizabeth Scott, MS, is a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of life, and the author of 8 Keys to Stress Management. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Scott, MS Updated on January 10, 2020 Kraig Scarbinsky/Photodisc/Getty Images More in Stress Management Job Stress Workplace Bullying Effects on Health Management Techniques Situational Stress Household Stress Relationship Stress Many people don’t take vacations often enough. In fact, according to a poll on this site, around half of those responding dont take annual vacations; in fact, many never take them! And now with increasing frequency, when we do take vacations, we often bring work along with us, keeping ourselves essentially still in the work mindset we’re trying to escape. This is unfortunate for several reasons. Promote Creativity A good vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves, operating as a vehicle for self-discovery and helping us get back to feeling our best. Stave off Burnout Workers who take regular time to relax are less likely to experience burnout, making them more creative and productive than their overworked, under-rested counterparts. Can Keep You Healthy Taking regular time off to ‘recharge your batteries’, thereby keeping stress levels lower, can keep you healthier. Promote Overall Wellbeing One study found that three days after vacation, subjects physical complaints, their quality of sleep and mood had improved as compared to before vacation. These gains were still present five weeks later, especially in those who had the more personal time and overall satisfaction during their vacations. Can Strengthen Bonds Spending time enjoying life with loved ones can keep relationships strong, helping you enjoy the good times more and helping you through the stress of the hard times. In fact, a study by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services found that women who took vacations were more satisfied with their marriages. Can Help With Your Job Performance As the authors of the above study suggest, the psychological benefits that come with more frequent vacations lead to increased quality of life, and that can lead to increased quality of work on the job. Vacations Relieve Stress in Lasting Ways It should come as no surprise that vacations that include plenty of free time bring stress relief, but research shows that a good vacation can lead to the experience of fewer stressful days at least five weeks later! That means that vacations are the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. The bottom line is that taking a good amount of time away from the stresses of daily life can give us the break we need so that we can return to our lives refreshed and better equipped to handle whatever comes. While not everyone is able to take a vacation, for those who can take several days or a few weeks off for a trip, even a short respite can be restorative. One study showed that a four-day long weekend vacation had positive effects on well-being, recovery, strain, and perceived stress for as long as 45 days. While the reduction in strain was greater for those who spent the vacation away from home, the other effects were similar for those who stayed home. For those who don’t have the time or money to take a ‘formal’ vacation, you can look into cheap vacations and creative ideas on how to get a nice break for less. And dont forget the option of taking a stay-cation or play-cation, too. How to Take a Break From Work (and Why You Need It)

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Using the World Wide Web - Free Essay Example

USING THE WORLD WIDE WEB Introduction The internet has pervaded every aspect of life, and nowadays it is hard to picture our society without it. The technological advancements that have been made since the invention of the World Wide Web have surpassed the progress made in the last two centuries. Today, the web has come to serve countless purposes. There are so many things that revolve around the internet, like staying in touch with friends, entertaining, and doing research. The World Wide Web has revolutionized how we live and will continue to dominate our lives in the future. History of the World Wide Web Birth of the Internet. In 1989, the World Wide Web started as a project of the CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The project was entitled â€Å"Enquire.† The project was intended to address the needs of universities and other institutions in the sharing of information. The first website developed by CERN described how to access other individuals’ documents and how to create a server. Because CERN is a physics-based organization, this application was first utilized by the physics community. Tim Berners-Lee. Tim Berners-Lee, a British physicist at CERN, proposed the Enquire program that eventually developed into the World Wide Web. He came from a family of scientists with a great k nowledge about computers and grew up fascinated by technology. Berners-Lee’s goal for this project was to create a network that could be accessed worldwide. He once saidAll the bits of information in every computer at CERN, and on the planet, would be available to me and to anyone else. There would be a single, global information space.† By late 1990, Berners-Lee had created a draft of the first web page. AOL Instant Messaging. Also in 1989, in the United States, AOL, or America Online, developed the first instant messaging system. The United States was using Berners-Lee’s technology to facilitate this project. This sparked the use of the World Wide Web in offices and homes around the country. It became increasingly more accessible to the world through these applications. Uses of the World Wide Web Telemedicine. In recent years, the Web has begun to serve a purpose in healthcare, both domestically and globally. The American Telemedicine Association descr ibes telemedicine as â€Å"the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.† It makes healthcare more easily accessible to patients even in remote areas in our own country and throughout the world by providing medical advice and care online. Through telemedicine, clinical care is provided via technology. In rural areas of the world where healthcare is not nearby, patients can be diagnosed and in some cases treated by a doctor on the other side of the world. It is just one of the many purposes of the Web. Social Media. One of the most recent uses of the Web is social media. This popular application of technology is utilized by businesses and individuals alike. These are the most popular social media platforms: Facebook Twitter Polyvore Etsy Businesses use social media for marketing purposes because it is a more immediate way for them to connect with their customers. Consumers can hear about the latest products from companies, and more easily purchase them. On the other hand, individuals can use social media to share their own personal media and thoughts. Education. Education is another major purpose that the World Wide Web serves. In recent years, online schools have popped up to give more people the opportunity to complete their education. The Web has made education more accessible than ever. Interactive learning, which allows for students to learn outside of a classroom setting, is becoming more popular. Students are now able to take classes without the teacher being near due to the World Wide Web. The Future of the World Wide Web The Deep Web. One of the growing threats to the World Wide Web is the Deep Web. The Deep Web is a matrix of encrypted websites that are not recognized by search engines, and thus are hidden from the public eye. The Deep Web serves as a hideout for criminal activity websites. Some of the more popular websites on the Deep Web are: The Silk Road 4chan Freedom Hosting The purchase of drugs and hitmen can be made through the Deep Web and the police are unable to crack down on most transactions. However, some black market websites have recently been busted, and there is a constant fight to stop the Deep Web. Net neutrality. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has promoted net neutrality, which is simply the free use of the Web. Major corporations like Verizon want to charge customers for preferential access and faster speed for downloading from and uploading to the Web. Berners-Lee argues that the Web needs to remain accessible, and said that â€Å"It’s important for the open markets, for the economy and for democracy.† Currently, this issue is being extensively debated in Congress. Privacy. Through tracking software and cookies, companies are able to track individuals’ computer usage and location. Companies use this information to market specific products and services to individuals. This has recently b ecome an issue because many people believe it is an invasion of privacy. The government, particularly the NSA, or National Security Agency, has monitored personal use of the World Wide Web for potential threats and criminal activity. WikiLeaks founder and activist Julian Assange criticized the governments for invading the privacy of citizens, and then later released classified information on the World Wide Web. Privacy on the World Wide Web will continue to be an issue as long as individuals rely more and more on the internet in their daily lives. Conclusion The World Wide Web is a revolutionary innovation that has made information more easily accessible. It has allowed for global connectivity, which was the intention when the founder Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. The Web serves to entertain, educate, and make our lives more convenient. While some companies have attempted to charge for Web use, there is a huge fight to keep the internet free. The Web is a techno logical advancement that will continue to have a strong presence in the world for the foreseeable future. WORKS CITED Bilton, Nick. As the Web Turns 25, Its Creator Talks About Its Future. The New York Times, 11 Mar. 2014. Web. 15 May 2015. CERN Accelerating Science.The Birth of the Web. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2015. 8 Types of Social Media and How Each Can Benefit Your Business.Hootsuite. N.p., 12 Mar. 2015. Web. 15 May 2015. Global Telemedicine.Global Med. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2015. The Mind Behind the Web.Scientific American Global RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2015. Reporter, Daily Mail. The Disturbing World of the Deep Web, Where Contract Killers and Drug Dealers Ply Their Trade on the Internet.Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 11 Oct. 2013. Web. 15 May 2015. What Is Telemedicine?American Telemedication Association. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2015. World Wide Web Timeline.Pew Research Centers Internet American Life Project RSS. N.p., 11 Mar. 2014. Web. 1 5 May 2015.