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Compare and contrast the development of the colonists of Virginia, the Essay

Compare and contrast the development of the colonists of Virginia, the Puritans of Massachusetts, and the Native Americans of th - Essay Example Following that was persecution of the confessed puritans which led to their migration in escape of death. Back home in England, the church had big influence on the on people way of life and the diplomatic matters towards governance. So, when they settled in, they aggressively practiced their faith regardless of the say of the welcoming Indian inhabitants. The churches were started in New England, spread all through to Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire among others. The church leaders and the ministers were selected based on electorate method by all. â€Å"American Puritans could form churches with their owner will, in which they chose priest by themselves and they managed by themselves. There was no rigid hierarchy in church.† (â€Å"Review of European,† 150). The puritans had long desired to rule themselves and with time, the church popular concept based on their democratic free will spread across to other settlers; which led to the embrace of democracy in A merica today. The Indian Americans, for a long time had a different social structure of leadership more embraced on monarchy. A chief leader referred to as ‘sagamore’, directed the Indian people in various tribes, enforcing governance from within. If there was no son or the son was not old enough, then the widow was allowed to rule. â€Å"The right to rule (power and respect) came primarily from inheritance although some significant accomplishment or assertiveness by a warrior, for example, could qualify him to be a sagamore.† (â€Å"Narrative: Three Indian,†). This was arbitrary ignored by the white settler whose influential religious believes had sunk deep in Massachusetts. The puritans came in with the structured electoral rule while the Indians were ruled under monarchial system. Differences in cultures: The puritans’ women played no role in church and governance. All the important decisions were made by the clergy who were singly men. They had made their religious faith their culture and every action they deed had a supportive reason rooted in their faith. In the mid 16th century after the Europeans had settled they opened schools and colleges so as to promote education for every individual. Their strong motive was to enable everyone read the Bible as a plot to raise and ensure growth in Christianity. Puritans strictly followed the Bible doctrines and were keen to every little social detail. They marked the Bible as the peak book that contains right guide that can free a man from the trouble of sin that he entered in. They instilled education in schools and colleges something that the woodland Indian communities never implied to. A review of the European study reveals that â€Å"Puritans formed the first formal school in1635, which was called the Roxbury Latin School. Four years later, in 1639, the first American College –Harvard College was established.† ( 151). All this would later enforce Christianity and civilization; a literate population in the North. The American Indians instead lived in assembled families in dispersed villages and at times would meet for festivals at different season. It was a tribe who practiced fishing, hunting and gathering. Women would gather while men hunt wild animals for food and fur for trading. Native

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